Screw Machine

Single Spindle

These machines are ideal for medium to high volume production. We use 2 different types of single spindle screw machines. The first being our Traub form cutoff machines for producing parts that do not require any inside diameter machining. The second being our Brown & Sharpe screw machines that have a turret on the machine which is used for I.D. machining when required.

In addition to machining parts complete, we also utilize these machines to produce blanks for parts that may require one or more of our in house secondary operations. These secondary operations may include: back machining in one of our Secondary CNC cells, Vertical Broaching for flats on the outside diameter, Thread rolling & Knurling, andCenterless Grinding for parts that have critical outside diameter finish and or size requirements. We will always apply the best process to insure you receive the best quality at the most economical price.

Multi Spindle

Our Acme Gridley Multi Spindle Screw Machines are the best machine when you have a high volume part that needs to be produced. These machines are designed to remove material at a very high rate resulting in high production rates at the lowest possible cost.

In addition to our existing capacity we are always looking for new part projects for this department. We will invest in building the perfect machine for your part and dedicating this machine to you so that you never have to worry about any supply or quality interruptions.